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What do the badges represent on the reputation leaderboard?

  • 7 October 2021
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What is the meaning of Golden Badge on reputation earned board? why second badge is always disabled?


Solved by Danny Pancratz 7 October 2021, 17:26

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Great question @Anjali Deore

These are Gold / Silver / Bronze medal icons indicating the leaders for that week / all-time.  

These are not badges in the same way that you see badges on profiles and elsewhere, as the the leaderboard changes dynamically with point totals. They’re not permanent, rather a way to highlight the top 3 on the leaderboard.

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Thanks @Danny Pancratz. Its silver, Not disabled :grinning:

Yep. That’s correct. 

The only badges we have right now are to recognize certifications and SME status. But we’re exploring other badges to add in the future. 

If you have ideas on what types of badges you’d like to see, send me a message on here or via email