Achieving Subject Matter Expert (SME) Status

  • 18 August 2021
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Achieving Subject Matter Expert (SME) Status

SMEs are top knowledge holders who contribute the most to the Unqork Community. The more you contribute, the more reputation points you'll earn. For example, if your question or answer receives an upvote, you’ll earn reputation points. If the original poster accepts your answer, you'll earn even more points. (Point values and additional details are found in the article linked below.)

Becoming an SME

There are two qualifications to become an Unqork SME. You must meet both qualifications before reaching SME status. As an SME, you are asked to maintain active engagement by averaging at least 200 points per month.  

  1. Earn over 200 reputation points per month for 3 consecutive months. 

  2. Answer at least 20 questions total (with your reply marked as the correct answer on a question). 

SME Perks 

As an incentive to contribute to our Community Q&A, and as a thank you to our top contributors, SMEs receive recognition on their Community Hub Profile as well as these benefits: 

  1. LinkedIn Badge. You can display this badge on your LinkedIn profile. It shows your network you're an official SME in the Unqork Community.
  2. Unqork SME Hoodie. You can show off your SME status and grow your collection of comfy clothes.
  3. Performance Review Integration. Contributing to the Unqork Community shows your Unqork knowledge and engagement. So, SMEs can choose to include it in their performance review. Every 6 months, your manager receives a summary of your reputation points.



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