Community Guidelines

Here at Unqork, our core values of being fearless, accountable, focused on customers’ success, inclusive, collaborative, and transparent drive how we approach everything we do. This is equally true of the Unqork creator community. The creator community is exclusive to those who use Unqork to build applications. The Unqork Community Team reserves the right to handle unacceptable behavior (as described below) at their discretion including but not limited to a permanent ban from the Unqork Creator Community and all related programs.

Keep Language Friendly

  • Unfriendly Language (including subtle put-downs and personal attacks) along with any profanity will be redacted from the community and dealt with at the discretion of the Community Team.

Share Only Public Information

  • Do not share any private information including company names or data.

Only Keep One Account

  • It is not allowed to own multiple accounts on the Unqork Creator Community. If the Community Team detects double accounts, secondary accounts will be banned.