Best Practices for Q&A

  • 22 July 2022
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Use a descriptive title

  • Pose your title as a question.
  • Use keywords specific to the question, like product features or components. 

Example: What does the Editable Output Type in the Decisions component do?

Note: As you type your title, similar questions display. This helps ensure the question hasn't already been asked. Links are also provided for the questions if you want to view them.

Provide a detailed description

In the Body field, enter a detailed description for your post. The text field gives you the ability to format text, organize your post, and add screenshots. Use the following suggestions to help you create a meaningful description:

  • Add reproducible steps so others can potentially test your configuration.
  • Avoid providing module IDs or environment links. Community members might not have access to your environment.
    • If you want to provide a link, we recommend using a POC of what you’re trying to accomplish and using the training environment as most Creators will have access.
  • Specify the part of the Platform you are asking about, requesting a best practice, providing a use case, or offering an idea.
  • Add screenshots to help others visualize your configuration. (This is a good alternative to linking to a module.)
  • Link Unqork documentation when trying to clarify a best practice or suggest an idea for improvements.


Can anyone help explain what the Decisions component’s Editable Output Type does?

Documentation link:



Choose the right forum 

  • Questions about functionality or configuration are best for the Platform Q&A forum. 
  • Open-ended questions that don’t necessarily have one “right” answer, may be better for the Best Practices & Strategy forum. 
    • Example: How does your team structure its projects? 
  • Questions about when to use a component or feature are great for the Use Case Showcase forum. 
    • Example: 


Add tags

The last section of the post template provides tags. Tags are optional, but it’s highly recommended you add at least one tag to your post. Tags are helpful for other community members searching for posts. 

You can add as many tags to a post as you wish. The field autopopulates as you enter text, offering additional tags depending on the ones you've chosen.

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