What's your Community Hub "workflow" ?

  • 14 November 2022
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We had a great community roundtable last week at Unqork Create, including some great insights on how we can continue to improve our community. (As a reminder, you can always submit ideas for new features and improvements on the Community Hub). 


This got me thinking... 

What’s your Unqork Community “workflow” ?  When you visit Community Hub, what’s your default behavior?

  • How often do you visit? Often or just when you have a question?
  • How do you monitor new questions? Do you subscribe to emails for the forum, click into the forum and view the feed, use the home page, or something else? 
  • How do you monitor new ideas? And how often? 

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5 Replies

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Here is how I use the Community Hub: when I don’t have a question first, I use it as a resource to look into what others have been doing and what’s new. I go to the Event tab to look at what is upcoming, then what has happened in the past to view past videos, especially the hackathons and those that will show how others are getting the job done with Unqork. I like to visit quite frequently for any updates to the pages.

Thanks for getting the conversation started, @Theresa S Baker! One of my questions was going to be whether Creators are using the events calendar to see what’s upcoming and/or happened recently. 

Your “workflow” gives me an idea of some adjustments I can look into to make finding previous recordings easier. 

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Thank you for this question. I login daily to the community page like marking my attendance in my corporate portal… to just check about the hackathons and new release or any improvement in any areas

For monitoring questions, I don't monitor all the questions, but some topics, I used to search for the related questions which I am recently working at… Also view the videos contents for the topics

For the Idea, again I will check, if its related to the topic… which I am currently working for….

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I will open the community page daily or thrice a week if I am engaged in project work.

Checking the community page for the below points

  • New ideas
  • New release or update in Unqork 
  • Hackathon question
  • Open question posted and different set of answers
  • Different approach in solving the questions

Community helps in learning the Unqork platform and also updating our knowledge


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I will open community on daily basis for at lest 15-30 mins to check the open question
and try to answer it and also check other's answer to get some new approach.
I tried  to search some question related to my project to get some idea.
Community hub is very helpful, through that we are learning new things day by day and upgrade ourself.