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Who marked my question as answered?

  • 30 January 2024
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“I didn’t mark my question as answered, but I got a notification that a reply was marked as the answer. How did that happen?”


Solved by The Unqork Team 30 January 2024, 16:12

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There are a few ways your question could have been marked as answered. 

  1. @The Unqork Team regularly marks answers when it appears to be the correct answer. This typically happens after 1 or 2 “nudge” replies and an extended period of inactivity. 
  2. SMEs also have access to mark answers. As top contributors with proven expertise in Unqork, they have earned the trust required to unlock this extra community feature. It’s intended to enable them to help moderate our open questions (see below) and also to speed up the time to resolution if they know, for example, that their reply (or another in the thread) is the correct answer.

Why is marking answers important? 

  • Prioritizes the attention of others helping answer open questions and saves them from looking through / replying to questions with a correct answer. 
  • Rewards those providing answers with the 20 points they have earned with their correct answer reply. This is a key requirement for our SME program
  • Clarifies which reply is the answer and embeds it at the top of the question thread for a faster time to answer for those viewing it later. 

Because of these things and more, we award 10 points when you mark an answer on the community. More details on why this important and how it helps our community here: