2023 Unqork Community Leaderboard & December Update

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2023 Unqork Community Leaderboard & December Update

Quick note. I am back after having been on leave throughout November and December. My thanks to my colleagues, our SMEs, and all who kept our community running smoothly while I was out.  

Each month, this post is all about celebrating the many contributions of our community members. Our success depends upon youThank you for contributing your questions, ideas, replies, answers, upvotes, and so many more contributions. 

This month, we also get to recognize celebrate those who contributed in 2023. Last year, hundreds of Creators, representing an incredible 34% of our Community contributed at least one post! Many others contributed with likes, upvotes, and participating in our events. 

For our top contributors, we have annual leaderboard badges, including a new addition of a Top 10 badge. 

In this update…

">Top contributors on our Community Leaderboard 🏆

These top earners are recognized with community leaderboard badges and Unqork SWAG!

December points leaders :medal:

  1. @Shweta R. Patil 315
  2. @Laxminarsaiah Ragi 245
  3. @Becky 166
  4. @Nimesh 136
  5. @lois 135
  6. @Rup 119
  7. @danctk 110
  8. @gokul 106
  9. @Ashlin felix.R 100
  10. @Ruxing 98

">December answers leaders ✅

  1. @Rup 3
  2. @Becky 2
    @Nimesh 2
    @danctk 2
    @John Southwick 2
    @thejasreeb 2
    @Subhra Kanta Patra 2
    @Vignesh Umapathy 2
    @Piyush Kumar 2

2023’s Top Contributors

Last year, we  announced new badges to recognize top contributors within the year. These Creators had the biggest impact on our community in 2023. 

2023 points leaders :medal:

  1. @Laxminarsaiah Ragi 9623
  2. @vamsi krishna 3624
  3. @Hima Bindu.G 3371
  4. @Nishant Agrawal 3215
  5. @prince kumar 3192*
  6. @Anjali Deore 3110
  7. @Subhra Kanta Patra 2895
  8. @MAHESH J 2819
  9. @Ashlin felix.R 2611
  10. @Becky 2601
  11. @Srikanth Dommati 2531

*an earlier version of this post mistakenly missed @prince kumar in the Top 10 most points for 2023.

">2023 answers leaders ✅

  1. @Laxminarsaiah Ragi 98
  2. @Subhra Kanta Patra 64
  3. @MAHESH J 44
  4. @prince kumar 43
  5. @Nishant Agrawal 42

">Climb the Leaderboard 🎯

Want to see your name listed on this post next month? There are many ways to contribute. Check out these posts:


">Feedback welcome 💬


Share your feedback in the replies or please contact me directly with a message on the Community Hub or at community@unqork.com

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