Announcing Unqork's Spring '23 Quarterly Release, Hackathon, and Ask the Expert Series

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Announcing Unqork's Spring '23 Quarterly Release, Hackathon, and Ask the Expert Series

Today, we are excited to announce details of Unqork’s Spring ‘23 Quarterly Release and five corresponding events for our Unqork Community. 

Spring ‘23 Quarterly Release

From the release blog:

Unqork has now launched its first extensive new set of platform features of 2023. Four major new features now empower business and IT teams to more quickly and easily create transformational applications while ensuring their work meets the security, performance, and design needs of the enterprise. 

Most importantly, these new features make it faster and easier than ever to deliver intuitive, highly performant experiences that customers, employees, and other stakeholders have come to expect. 

  • Dynamic Refresh
  • Real-time Configuration Analysis
  • Workspaces RBAC
  • Address Search Component

Hackathon: Get Hands-On with Dynamic Refresh

Creators are encouraged to explore these new capabilities in our latest Unqork Community Hackathon. In this asynchronous competition, individuals or teams (new!), are asked to build a working application that showcases Dynamic Refresh and leverages other features from the Spring ‘23 release. 

More details and registration: 


Codeless Classroom: Ask the Expert Series

To support Creators in leveraging these new features, and as they participate in the Hackathon, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Codeless Classroom: Ask the Expert series!

Expert Unqorkers will help break down a variety of key new features and answer all your feature-related questions LIVE to help make it easier for Creators to understand and adopt these high impact tools today!

Creators are encouraged to register for these sessions, submit questions in advance, and attend live to learn from Unqork product managers. (If you cannot attend live, consider registering and submitting your questions so they can be answered during the session.) 

You can also find these events on the events calendar of our Unqork Community Hub. The recordings will be shared following the events.

More on our Spring ‘23 release in this in this Coffee and Codeless recording: 


More details and timestamps here: