Annual Leaderboard Badges (Now with Top 10 Badge)

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Annual Leaderboard Badges (Now with Top 10 Badge)

January 8, 2024 Update: A new Top 10 badge has been added for Creators who finish with the 4th through 10th most points in a year. The top three will still receive the gold, silver, and bronze badges mentioned below.

The success of our Unqork Community depends upon the contributions of our community members. We are continually looking for new ways to recognize and reward those Creators most actively sharing their expertise, their questions, their ideas, and their lessons learned. I am excited to announce the newest recognition: Annual Leaderboard Badges

Annual Leaderboard Badges

These yearly badges follow the same template as the monthly leaderboard badges we launched in August:

  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze badges for the top 3 points earners within the year.
  • There is also a badge for the most answers provided within the year.
  • Each badge will be awarded to only one Creator each calendar year. 
Gold Badge: 
Most Points
Silver Badge:
2nd Most Points
Bronze Badge:
3rd Most Points
Aqua Badge:
Most Answers


The 2022 version of these badges have been awarded to @Laxminarsaiah Ragi@Srikanth Dommati, and @vamsi krishna for finishing atop the leaderboard last year(Unfortunately, we are not able to retroactively award these badges for points earned in 2020 and 2021.  

Tracking Your Progress

While our Community Leaderboard only has views for the current week and All Time, you can check your points in any custom time frame with this simple Unqork app. You can find this app on the Community Hub home page below the leaderboard widget. Learn more here: 


Monthly Updates

Additionally, we will share a year-to-date leaderboard for both points and answers in our monthly leaderboard update blogs. You can see the latest, and see the standings after January, here: 

We will also explore additional features for self-service leaderboard checking. We have requested this feature from our community platform vendor and are exploring ways we might build it using Unqork. 


Earning Points and Recognition

Our general approach to points on the Community Hub is to recognize and reward nearly everything you do, from small activities like upvoting a reply or idea, to larger contributions like participating in hackathons or presenting on events. This way, our Community Leaderboard and individual point totals reflect total contributions to our community, whether on the Community Hub or by participating in Unqork events or programs.

Learn more: 


What do you think? As always, your feedback is welcome. You can send me a message here on the Community Hub or at


This year, we’re adding a new Top 10 badges for those who finish with the 4th through 10th most points within the year.

Top 10 Badge for 2023