Celebrating One Year of Community Hub!

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Celebrating One Year of Community Hub!

Today marks one year since we launched the Unqork Community Hub! We consolidated more than 10 Creator resources into one Hub to connect you to the people and resources you need to be successful.

Throughout the year, we’ve seen engagement continue to grow with record numbers of new Creators joining the community, asking questions, solved questions, earning certifications, points, badges, and more. 

Your participation is what makes our community grow and thrive, so thank you for being a part of a successful first year. 

Year in Review

A lot more has happened throughout the year, but here are some of the major highlights: 

  • September: Our first full month on the Community Hub!
  • October: Ideas feature launched at Unqork Create 2021
  • November: We began posting updates on new Marketplace listings, here’s the latest example: 
  • December: We put the finishing touches on our amazing federated search 
  • January: A few UX improvements: 
  • February: We launched our new Success Hour series. Check out the next one!
  • March: We began publishing regular documentation updates, here’s the latest example: 
  • April: Our biggest month yet with new forums and a major UX update 
  • May: Major improvements to the Documentation Hub and Marketplace experiences.
  • June: We wrapped up our first Community Hackathon! 
  • July: Our intern @Zander Donowitz helped us launch our Contribution Portal! 
  • August: New badges to recognize your contributions and launched our second Hackathon! 

Help us celebrate!

Reply below with your favorite features or how the Community Hub has helped you over the past year.

10 bonus points for each reply! 

What next?

We’ll continue to add new features to help connect you to the people and resources you need to be successful. Stay tuned to our updates blog for more news and announcement. 

But what would you like to see? Consider submitting your ideas for the Community Hub and our community programs: 


Congratulation to the hardworking and supporting team behind community hub on completing 1 year!!✨ Its great to be a part of such rapidly growing community. Best part of community is learning through the Q&A. We learn so much more about the components from the different use cases and requirement.