Codeless Live Build Challenge Results

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Codeless Live Build Challenge Results

On February 1, 2024, Unqork hosted a Codeless Live Build Challenge with ATARC (Advanced Technology Academic Research Center). Teams of three Creators built working applications within 45 minutes, leveraging pre-built templates and accelerators, demonstrating how quickly a working prototype can be built on Unqork. 

Here are the results of our participating partner teams: 

  • 🏆 KPMG and their Medicare Claims solution as the Overall Winner
  • 🏆 ICF and their Cybersecurity Credentials Tracking solution as the Best UI Winner
  • 🏆 Auxo Solutions and their Loan Underwriting solution as the Most Complex Winner
  • 🏆 Koniag and their Rural Development Grants Management as the Most Impact to the Mission Winner
  • 🏆 AidenAI and their Employee Onboarding as Most Repeatable Winner

We plan to share demos of each team’s application, so stay tuned for more details. 

Congratulations to the participating Creators, who have all earned the Hackathon Participant badge and 100 points for their Unqork Community profiles. Additionally, congratulations to the KPMG team for earning the Hackathon Winner badge and points. 

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