CSS Upload Limited Availability Release Program

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CSS Upload Limited Availability Release Program

Unqork offers CSS Upload feature as part of a Limited Availability Release Program to enable creators to upload and manage their CSS stylesheets at a global level. 

What CSS Upload is

  • Allows global CSS stylesheet upload and managing
  • Upload style assets (fonts and images) as part of your style
  • Organize your style assets into folders
  • Promote styles and assets between environments.

The user guide and troubleshooting documentation can be found in our Documentation Hub

What CSS Upload isn’t

  • Configuration tool. Layouting work is currently done at the configuration level which is not supported by this feature. 
  • A “what you see is what you get” (wysiwyg) UI design tool. 
  • A development tool. CSS is to be written in a code editor tool of your choice outside of Unqork platform. 
  • A complete no-code styling solution and requires CSS/HTML knowledge. (As part of our Platform Initiatives for Codeless Architecture we are working on building a fully no-code styling feature so stay tuned for further updates!!)

Program Overview & Expectations

CSS Upload feature is not available in any environments by default. Please see the “How to enroll” section below to learn how to get in enabled in your environment. 

The Platform Feature provides creators with the ability to upload a CSS Structure. But given that the CSS Structure is created outside of the Platform, issues with how the CSS Structure integrates with Unqork Configuration does not constitute a Platform Bug and thus do not trigger normal SLAs.

If the customer is a Service Customer, Solutions can evaluate the CSS to validate it. If the customer is a DIY Customer, they can review Enablement materials or procure Expert Advisory Services.

Creators that decide to participate in the Limited Availability Release Program, should have a CSS HTML savvy resource that also understands Unqork Configuration.  Enablement, Training, and Expert Advisory Services can be provided to support customers in this regard.

Unqork Product Team would be interested in learning more about how you are using the feature, what are some of the use cases as well as main benefits and challenges. To share your feedback with us, please use In-Platform Help or reach out to your Unqork point of contact. 

This program is entirely optional and you don’t need to enroll if this does not seem to be a good fit. If you are working with SI, they should be able to support you. You can also get in touch with your Unqork point of contact to discuss your styling needs.

How to enroll

Reach out to your Unqork point of contact to request CSS Upload to be enabled in your environments. 

This looks amazing, it will make the work of a creator easier.

Cheers to Unqork team.