Federated Search Improvements: Filter Results by Source

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Federated Search Improvements: Filter Results by Source

Our federated search capability is one of the many ways Community Hub serves as your one-stop-shop for Creator resources. 

Today, I’m excited to announce improvements to one of my favorite features! 

Filter by Source

Previously, search results for some content was grouped together into a single source: Additional Resources. You would see documentation articles, Academy training, and Marketplace listings all listed together. 

Now, each resource is categorized as a unique source broken out and filterable in the results. This applies to both the initial search experience on the home page and the full search functionality at

Example of results by source when searching on Home
Example of filterable search when on full search results page


More Information on Federated Search

We’ve updated the initial announcement blog with the full details of how this feature works.

As always, share your feedback with a reply below, an email to, or --better yet!-- an idea here on the Community Hub. 

Happy searching!

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