Holiday and End of Year Schedule

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Holiday and End of Year Schedule

Happy holidays to all who celebrate this time of year! And congratulations on a great year as 2022 comes to a close. Thanks to all who have contributed to our Unqork Community. 

This time of year brings extended out-of-office time for myself, my colleagues, and likely many Creators in our community. Please note that you may see delayed and reduced activity during this time, including: 

  • Replies and answers
  • Deleting flagged posts
  • Responding to messages and emails

In particular, the Unqork office will be closed on December 23-26 and December 30 to January 2. However, you can still expect timely support from Unqork during this time. 

One of the great things about our Community Hub is that it’s always on. You are welcome to still ask your questions and share your ideas, but please manage your expectations accordingly. 


2022 in Review

I hope to share some additional Community-specific metrics early in the new year, but here are two retrospectives you can review. 


And the Unqork Rewind is full stats about the millions of lines of code avoided and hours saved. Here’s a fun example from our Twitter account: 

Image from the Tweet above


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