How to Delete Posts and Unmark Answers on the Community Hub?

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How to Delete Posts and Unmark Answers on the Community Hub?

A small, but impactful improvement to your Unqork Community Hub experience is now live; requests to delete a post or unmark an answer from your question are automated! 

Previously, these requests were sent to the community team for review, delaying resolution until working hours of the next business day. 

Note: the automated improvements only work for posts for which you are the author or answers on questions you asked. If you flag a post authored by someone else, the request will be flagged to the community team for review. 

How it works

The overall process is mostly the same. You have the option to select ‘Flag/Delete’ from the *** menu on the bottom right corner of any post (including replies). 

Find Flag/Delete in the *** menu

The small adjustment comes in stating the reason for your request. The reasons DELETE and UNMARK will trigger the appropriate resolution. 

Help text guides you through the automated actions

Once you submit, the delete or unmark request should process immediately. Refresh the page to see your request fulfilled. 

Best practice

There is one use case for auto-deleting a post we want to avoid; when you solve the question you asked on your own. 

While your instinct may be to delete the post, we prefer that you reply to your own question with the solution and mark the answer. Not only will you earn points for both providing and marking the answer, but you strengthen our community knowledge base with an answer others can leverage in the future. 


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