Introducing Feature History: Track What's New with Specific Components or Features

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Introducing Feature History: Track What's New with Specific Components or Features

Today I am excited to launch our latest enhancement to the Unqork Community Hub: Feature History. Whether you are troubleshooting configuration issues or searching for the latest information, we want to make it easier to stay up-to-date on changes to the Unqork platform.

What is Feature History?

Feature History is a new area on the Community Hub that complements our existing Release Notes cadence and update blogs.  

How it works

Feature History unbundles updates from our Release Notes and Documentation Update blogs. The individual updates are then re-bundled around specific features of the Unqork platform. 

  • Individual threads for specific features (85 so far)
    • Components
    • Module Builder and Workflow Builder
    • Workflow Nodes
    • Workspaces, Administration, and Security features
    • New features like Dynamic Refresh and Real-Time Configuration Analysis
  • Threads track recent updates
    • Updates from release notes and documentation updates are added as replies
      • Enhancements
      • Bug Fixes
      • Updates to documentation or new resources
    • The main post at the top of the thread links to documentation and self-guided training resources
    • Scroll through to see what has changed and when

See an example at the bottom of this post!

Scope of updates:

  • At launch these posts have updates dating back to the 6.66 Unqork platform release.
  • Going forward, updates will be archived after 16 weeks, when the majority of environments are no longer using that platform version.

Multiple ways to follow

  • Click ‘Get Email Updates’ on the posts for topics you want to follow
  • Updated posts will show in community feeds on the home page
    • Since Your Last Visit
    • Recently Active Posts
    • Latest Posts feed
  • Access the Feature History forum via the Navigation Menu
  • Find them via search

How to get started

  1. Visit the Feature History forum
  2. Scroll through or search for features you want to follow
  3. Select ‘Get Email Updates’ if you want to be notified when updates are added to the thread. 

Example Thread

Here’s an example of what you can expect, using our Dynamic Refresh thread. 

Updates in your feed

Main post

Updates thread


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