Introducing the Community Contribution Portal!

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Introducing the Community Contribution Portal!

The Community Team is thrilled to announce that our first ever Community Contribution Portal is now LIVE! It has never been easier to showcase your expertise in our Community events, connect with other Creators, and expand our collective knowledge base!

Since its launch, the Community Hub has served to connect Creators with the people and resources they need to be successful. However, until now, there hasn’t been a direct way to showcase your skill set and unique use cases to our broader Community. 

Enter the Community Contribution Portal, an application that gives you the ability to submit your interest in a wide variety of engagement opportunities and events. We could not be more excited to learn from your experience and expertise!

How it Works

If you are interested in contributing to the Unqork Community (in ways that go beyond creating and replying to posts on the Community Hub), we want to hear from you!

When you access the Community Contribution Portal link, you will be prompted to provide some basic contact information and select which types of contributions you are interested in participating in. 

Submit how you’d like to contribute

We have identified 7 main contribution types for you to choose from:

  1. Participate in an interview for us to share your story in a user spotlight blog.
  2. Present a short demo on a Success Hour webinar (tips, tricks, configuration, or specific features).
  3. Demo and discuss a proof of concept (POC) with The Uncoder on Twitch.
  4. Provide a deep dive presentation on a webinar or Twitch livestream.
  5. Create posts or videos to drive discussions on the Community Hub.
  6. Participate in User Group events for peer-to-peer sharing (use cases, strategies, lessons learned).
  7. Write thought leadership blogs about using Unqork or Codeless Architecture.

If you would like to contribute in other ways, there is an open suggestion box that allows you to detail any additional thoughts or interests.

Lastly, we ask that you explain what topics you would like to discuss in your contribution. These can range from explaining platform features like Data Workflow (DWF) to highlighting interesting use cases that you have implemented in your professional life. Regardless of what you are passionate about, we want to hear it!

What happens next? 

After you submit through our Community Contribution Portal, your job is done! One of our Community Managers will then review your submission and reach out when we have any related opportunities.

Benefits of contributing

If your submission has been selected and after your contribution is complete, we want to show our appreciation for your time! Below are the corresponding Community rewards for each engagement type.

Contribution Type


Badge (if applicable)

User Spotlight Blog


Power User Spotlight 

Success Hour Webinar


Success Hour Speaker

The Uncoder on Twitch


Twitch Speaker

Deep Dive Presentation


Twitch Speaker (if on Twitch)

Community Hub Content

per post

More details coming soon!

User Group Events


Badge coming soon!

Thought Leadership Blogs



*Point totals and badges are subject to change. You can always find the latest information here: 

These points and badges raise your profile in our community and showcase your expertise. They can also help you on your way to becoming a Subject Matter Expert. 

We are also brainstorming additional benefits and invite your ideas and feedback. How can we best say thanks for your contributions? 

The Community Contribution Portal represents an important step towards more of our Community programs being led by you and other Creators in collaborative ways. With the form now LIVE, we could not be more excited to see what you all contribute!

Zander Donowitz is Unqork’s Community & Customer Success Intern for summer 2022. This Community Contribution Portal was built by Zander (using Unqork) as part of his internship case study. 

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