Learn about Composite Apps: Embedded UI from Unqork's Winter '24 Platform Release

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Learn about Composite Apps: Embedded UI from Unqork's Winter '24 Platform Release

Announced with Unqork’s Winter 2024 Platform Release, Embedded UI allows users to create composite applications by configuring and reusing standard components that can be securely embedded into any internal or external application.

Thierry Bonfante, Unqork’s Chief Product Officer, describes the business value in his latest blog

Simply put, you can drive digital transformation in a completely modular way while leveraging Unqork’s first-rate security.

Composite apps also drive standardization. For example, over the years, large enterprises will have many flavors of similar functions, all behaving slightly differently and all implemented in different tech, therefore confusing end-users and increasing the cost of ownership. With composite apps, you can build a solution once in Unqork and inject it across all those use cases, increasing consistency in your processes while driving the cost down.

Ask the Expert

On March 7, Unqork Creators can join a live Codeless Classroom webinar to learn about Embedded UI from one of Unqork’s Lead Product Manager, Patrick Quinn. 

Attendees can submit questions in advance via the registration form or ask them during the live event. The recording (and all the answered questions!) will be posted to the Community Hub following the webinar.

Demos & Documentation

Before joining the webinar, we recommend that you review the demo below, as well as our Embedded UI documentation.


See additional demos here in our Use Case Showcase forum: 


Learn about Vega

Embedded UI is part of Unqork’s Vega Feature Suite and RuntimeThese capabilities seamlessly integrate with existing Unqork applications, allowing for incremental adoption without the need for migration.

Recommended read: Introduction to Vega

Vega is Unqork’s new suite of solutions powered by Unqork’s next-generation codeless runtime (Runtime v2.0.0). It provides a more streamlined and responsive end-user experience, and net new capabilities not previously available in Unqork’s classic runtime, Centauri (Runtime v1.0.0). Vega is based on cutting-edge technologies that represent a leap forward in the Unqork platform's end-user experience. Vega is also an extensible foundation for capabilities planned in Unqork’s roadmap, accelerating the tools available to build best-in-class applications.

Additional documentation for Vega is available here in our Documentation Hub. 

Unqork’s Winter ‘24 Release 

For more on the Unqork’s latest quarterly release, check out the links and the post below: 

Recordings of the events will be posted to the community for on-demand access. 


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