Marketplace Updates: Third Party Publisher Program and New Listings

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Marketplace Updates: Third Party Publisher Program and New Listings

Today Unqork announced a suite of new features for the Unqork Marketplace, including new listings and a Third Party Publisher program. The Marketplace launched one year ago as the “first-ever no-code marketplace, designed to help users build complex software faster through an extensive library of self-service developer tools, ranging from pre-built software snippets and templates to integrations from over 25 world class partners.” 

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Join us next week for a Marketplace Takeover of our monthly Success Hour webinar. You’ll hear from the Marketplace team on the latest news and updates, get demos of Marketplace listings from other Creators, and have a chance to ask questions from a panel of experts.


Highlights from the announcement

The new updates to the Unqork Marketplace include: 

  • Third Party Publisher program: For the first time, third party publishers can launch applications on the Unqork Marketplace, providing developers with expanded access to industry-specific tools that enable increased business agility and innovation. As more publishers add to the library, developers will have access to an extensive library of industry use cases to create complex applications tailored to their individual business needs. Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) and Quantiphi have launched the first application accelerators as part of the program:
    • EY has launched two applications to the Unqork Marketplace:
      • Add Insurance Now enables private travelers to request an insurance quote and purchase supplemental accident insurance almost instantly. 
      • Global Resource Tracker gives business logistics managers a wide-angle view of global resources– from machinery to project architects– at work locations around the world at any given time, critical for effective logistics, resource and financial planning. 
    • Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, has launched Dociphi, an AI-powered document processing application engineered to fast-track end-to-end document workflows, while ensuring regulatory compliance. Dociphi provides routine document workflows, eliminates manual errors and generates insights to prevent fraud for claims processing, commercial lending, mortgage underwriting and more. Dociphi aims to enable insurance workflows and help organizations:
      • Process 2x more documents with near-zero errors.
      • Reduce document processing costs by over 35% and operating costs by up to 30.
      • Accelerate time to market with prebuilt tools.
  • New Marketplace listings, including:
    • Google Calendar integration streamlines merging Google Calendar within Unqork applications to make scheduling appointments on applications like healthcare digital front doors, investor portals and case management systems a seamless experience for the millions of Google Calendar users. 
    • The Status Blueprint Accelerator transforms the creation of bespoke status management systems by centralizing and standardizing statuses, actions and checklist items as a dynamic component of a case management application. This expedites status blueprints to be defined in minutes – rather than hours.  


For more information, read the full announcement here


Success Hour Recording

Watch @Nadia Abossein, Lead Product Manager at Unqork Marketplace, walk through various Marketplace updates and features in our July 2022 Success Hour! Click here to watch (or 3:06 on the video below).


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