Now Available: 6.78 Platform Release Notes -- Dynamic Refresh is GA, Star a Workspace, and More

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Now Available: 6.78 Platform Release Notes -- Dynamic Refresh is GA, Star a Workspace, and More

We are excited to share details of the upcoming 6.78 release of the Unqork Platform. Review the 6.78 Platform Release Notes for full details, including dates for Staging, UAT, and Production releases.



Dynamic Refresh is Now GA

Learn more about this and other key features in our Spring ‘23 Quarterly Release: 


Release Overview

  • Administration 

    • Enhancements
      • Customize access to Record Collections Viewer
      • Multi-Role Support for Express Users
    • Bug Fixes
      • Designer Roles
      • Express Roles
      • Services Administration sorting
      • SSO Management
  • Applications

    • Duplicate Modules - UX improvements
    • Bug Fixes
      • Data Collections - issue with special characters
      • Record Collections Viewer
  • Components

    • Address (v1) component - Updated the component's status to Retired 
    • Data Workflow - Feature Flag for new Preserve Argument Type option
    • Decisions/Initializer components - improvements for configuring outputs
    • Dynamic Refresh/Panel component - Dynamic Refresh is no longer in Beta
    • File component 2 new enhancements
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Button
      • Calculator
      • Chart 
      • Freeform Grid
      • International Phone Number 
      • Number
      • Radio Bttons
      • ViewGrid
  • Module Builder

    • Module Outline - Real-Time Configuration Analysis enhancements
    • Module Type - Specify type when creating a module:
      • API
      • Front-End
      • Other
    • Bug Fixes
      • Library Elements - 2 fixes
      • Save button
  • Platform Architecture

Added the ability to create a description for all workspacesapplicationsmodules, and workflows. This enhancement lets you apply high-level information about your work, making it easier to onboard new users and to hand off projects. You can access this description field when you create a new workspace, application, module, or workflow. Or, you can access it from the Settings modals at any of these levels.

  • Workflow Builder

    • New look and more accessible UI
      • Links to attached modules directly in the Task node body.
      • Streamlined interactions with node Inspector panels that respond directly to node updates.
      • Swimlane highlighting to provide creators guidelines when interacting with nodes.
      • Improved lane ordering and Undo/Redo behaviors
  • Workspaces

    • Added the ability to “star” a workspace. 

    • Fixed an issue where an error message was not displaying in the Workspace Settings modal when services failed to load. 

For full details and the most up-to-date information on this release review the release notes.


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