Now Available: 6.84 Unqork Platform Release Notes -- Introducing Application Performance Monitoring!

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Now Available: 6.84 Unqork Platform Release Notes -- Introducing Application Performance Monitoring!

We are excited to share details of the upcoming 6.84 release of the Unqork Platform. Review the 6.84 Platform Release Notes for full details, including dates for Staging, UAT, and Production releases.

Release Highlight: Application Performance Monitoring


Introducing Application Performance Monitoring!

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) continuously monitors Unqork application performance, availability, and overall health by analyzing various metrics. That way, you can minimize downtime and optimize performance.

Using Datadog, Unqork can provide near real-time trace and span telemetry related to module, workflow, and component executions. You can use this telemetry to evaluate an application’s health and performance.

You can also use custom facets to create filters where application context is available. For example, you can use moduleId as a facet to create custom metrics.

This is an early-access feature. To get access, please contact your Customer Success Representative.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Also included in this release are enhancements and bug fixes related to the items below. 

  • APIs

    • Audit Logs: Added support for new audit log endpoints.
    • Combine PDFs API: Added support for a new, optional parameter: skipComments. 
    • Bug fixes for Data Collections and Service Users
  • Components

    • File component: Changed the Post Upload trigger.
    • Number component: Added support for thousands separator, decimal separator, and currency symbol separator. 
    • Chart component: Fixed an issue with Excel exports.
    • Data Workflow component: Fixed an issue with operator Info windows. 
  • More

    • Express View: Improved initial page load times12-22%.

    • Marketplace: Fixed an issue with the login flow.

    • SSO: Fixed an issue involving multiple tabs.

For more information and full details, review the 6.84 Platform Release Notes.



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