Now Live: Changes to Your Training Environment and Community Experiences

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Now Live: Changes to Your Training Environment and Community Experiences

Update: September 11, 2023

These changes have now been implemented. Read more in the original post below, these FAQs on the WSRBAC for the Training environment, and in this recommended best practices article for the community:  

  • If a POC link is broken on Community Hub: Please flag the post and let us know. We are still working to preserve past POCs in the new Community Answers workspace. We will do our best to expedite any reported links. 
  • If you are having issues the Training Environment: Create a support ticket so the team can help resolve it. 

We're excited to announce that we will be turning on workspace role-based access control (WSRBAC) in the Unqork Training environment in the coming weeks. This will bring about a number of changes to the Training environment and the Unqork Community Hub that will improve the user experience and enhance performance. 

Why we’re making this change

  • Better performance in the Training environment. WSRBAC will allow us to better manage empty workspaces, unused applications, and inactive users leading to a cleaner, more performant environment. It will also allow you to load personal applications with ease and build with confidence.
  • Better UX in the Training environment. Your view will be simpler and more personalized. Your personal workspace should be one of the first workspaces you see, rather than having to locate it using the search function or adding it to your bookmarks. You’ll also be able to easily navigate to shared resources on Academy and Community.
  • Improve preservation of POCs on Community. Part of this change will be to preserve helpful POCs built to answer questions on Community in a view-only workspace. This will allow us to grow our library of examples and ensure broken links in Community are a thing of the past.

What this means for you

  • Users will be limited to a single personal workspace. You will not be able to access workspaces of other creators unless participating in a training program that requires cross workspace collaboration. This will keep your workspace clear and enhance the training experience for all. Your personal workspace was created for you when you first accessed the training environment. 
  • Users will also have access to two Community workspaces. For Community Q&A, you’ll need to build (or copy/paste) a POC in the Community Collaboration workspace. When a POC is included in a marked answer on Community Hub, it will be moved to the Community Answers workspace. Everyone will be able to read those POCs, but won’t be able to modify it. Thus, preserving the integrity of the answer / avoiding breaking the POC.
  • Some of your Community built POCs may move. If a POC was selected as the top answer to a community question, it will be moved to the Community Answers workspace. The URL will remain the same, but it will no longer be in your personal workspace. (You will be able to copy/paste the definition if you want a copy in your personal workspace.)

This will be a seamless transition that should not affect any training programs you are participating in or disrupt any open* questions you have on the Community Hub. As always, please let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions.

*However, open questions older than 1 year may be archived.

Unqork Community & Enablement Teams

For more information on how POC sharing will work on Community Hub, see this new article: 


These changes were implemented earlier today.