Search across Community, Academy, Documentation, Marketplace, and more with Federated Search on Community Hub

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Search across Community, Academy, Documentation, Marketplace, and more with Federated Search on Community Hub

This blog was updated on November 16 and December 19, 2022 to reflect improved functionality outlined here and here

Over the past few months, we have improved search capabilities on our Unqork Community Hub to offer a more seamless experience. We have incorporated resources from our Knowledge Base menu into search results, including Documentation Hub, Academy (both courses and individual lessons), and now Marketplace listings.

Your one-stop shop for searching Creator resources 

Now when you search, you will find results for relevant content and conversations across nearly all Creator resources. If you have a question or are looking for a resource, you might find any of the following:

  • Community posts
    • Platform Q&A
    • Best Practices & Strategy
    • Use Case Showcase
    • Ideas
    • Articles and update blogs
    • Events and event recordings
  • Documentation
  • Unqork Academy
  • Marketplace listings
    • Applications
    • Templates
    • Integrations
    • Snippets
  • Unqork Create Conferences

Federated search in practice.
Perhaps you have a question about how to setup a batch loop. When searching on Community Hub, you might discover this Marketplace snippet that solves your use case.  


Seven categories of search results

When you search on Community Hub, you will see separate categories for each source. This may require some scrolling to see all the available reosurces.

  1. Community posts - all of the content listed above.
  2. Documentation - content from our Documentation Hub.
  3. API Documentation - operations listed on
  4. Marketplace Listings - pre-built snippets and templates you can leverage.
  5. Academy Courses - fully packaged courses within our self-service catalog
  6. Academy Lessons - individual articles and videos within Academy courses (to help you jump to the most relevant content in the course).
    • Note: You will need to register for the full course in order to access the lesson(s).
  7. Unqork Create  - session recordings and write ups of past conferences. 
Search results by source


Filter by source on the search results page

If you select “view all” from the results in the search bar, you will access the full search results page with additional filter functionality.

Here you can filter by source if you want are looking for a specific type of resource or content. 

Filterable sources when on the full search results page


  • You need to be logged-in in order to see results from within gated community forums.
  • While you can also filter by content type, this only applies to community posts and does not include content from the expanded federated search results. 


Additional improvements in development

We plan to extend our federated search to include API documentation and other resources developed in the future. 

If you have questions or feedback, please contact our team at 

Happy searching! 

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