Top 10 Questions, On Demand Videos, and Community News from August 2022

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Top 10 Questions, On Demand Videos, and Community News from August 2022

As mentioned yesterday, our robust community activity necessitates two monthly update blogs! This month, we’ve expanded to highlight the top posts. These top posts are your guide to learning from the experiences shared across the month.

In this update: 

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">Community News 📢

August was a major month as we celebrated our first full year live on the Community Hub and rolled out some new features. 

We also shared more information on our growing group of Subject Matter Experts, sharing insights on the many companies they represent, their roles, and how you can connect with them. 

Additionally, we launched our second community hackathon, which wrapped up yesterday. In the next few weeks, we’ll announce our finalists and schedule a live showcase where you vote on the winner. 

Want to participate in the next one? You can expect our next hackathon to launch in the next few months. 

">What to Watch 🎥

We’re increasingly delivering events and views to supplement the documentation, training, q&a and conversations available to you. Below are the recordings published in the past month: 



Short Clips


Full events


">Top Posts ⭐️


">Featured Insights 📌


">Top 10 Questions (Most Viewed / Most Upvoted) 🔥

Thanks to @User345@Rashmi Pal@drew@Jeevan@Hemadarshni H@Supriya Sivaprasad@prasanna G,  and @divya for asking questions that were popular with Creators in our community.

Most of these have marked answers, so take a look at topics you can learn from!


">Most Helpful Posts 👀

You can mark the helpfulness of questions with marked answers, articles, and on-demand recordings. This helps us identify our best content, as well as posts that might need revisiting for improvement. 

These posts were scored as the most helpful throughout the month. 


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