Unqork Integration Hackathon Hackathon Results: Two Teams from EY Take the Top Spots!

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Unqork Integration Hackathon Hackathon Results: Two Teams from EY Take the Top Spots!

The results are in from our recent Unqork Community Hackathon for Integration Gateway: 

My colleague @Haley Turner, Sr. Product Manager for Integration Gateway, reviewed the hackathon entries and selected two entries from Unqork Partner EY as the top submissions.

Stay tuned for updates as we look to schedule a showcase webinar with these two teams. 

Winning Application: Claims Portal

A claims portal application, built by Sylvia Mary Immanuel Sundar (@Sylvia Mary I S) , Sujitha C S (@Su_jitha), and Viviliya Jenifer Mary Jesudoss (@Vivil).

Application Overview

EY-FNOL is an end-to-end claim portal application where users can report a loss for the insured Personal Auto policy and is the first step of claims processing.

The portal can be accessed by the reporters or claimants to enter the loss details. We pre-populate the data across screen based on the policy details from the database management. The application records the selected vehicle details, new reporter (it could be an agent, broker etc), and enables to add third party vehicles and covers the liabilities.

To complete the FNOL, policyholders or third-party claimants provide the insurance company with the following information:

  1. Policy number
  2. Incident details as date, time and location
  3. Incident description and type of the loss
  4. Claim supported exposures
  5. If it is a collision, the policyholder could also provide information about the other party’s insurance information and driver’s license.

Once the claim is submitted the generated report will be sent for approval to adjuster and he would be providing decision via dashboard.


Use of Integration Gateway

  1. MySQL DB to insert- (POST), update (PUT), select (GET) policy and claims details
  2. HTTP request to search (GET) VIN details
  3. Slack to notify (POST) the claim community about claim initiation and claim submission
  4. PDFMonkey to generate pdf (POST) with claim details reported as per the provided template.
  5. Dropbox to create folder (POST) for the claims created and upload (POST) the generated pdf document into the respective claim folder.
  6. DocuSign to get (GET) the list of documents, send documents (POST) from Dropbox for eSignature and watch the event after signing the document to update the claim status.
  7. Outlook (POST) triggers mail with pdf report and Unqork dashboard link for adjuster to make decision to the respective claim


Runner up: E-Commerce Portal

@Ashlin felix.R, @Mangaiyarkarasi Thangavel, and @Saranya Radhakrishnan built an “e-commerce portal for Shopify which we engage with customers to customize their products.”

Use of Integration Gateway

We have used Shopify to add customer details and Product details. Also used MY SQL to store Shopify details, Virtual assistance for page navigation usage based on customer language, notification through Twilio, SMS by Workato, and. Outlook.


Along with these descriptions, participants shared detailed demos of their application and discussed their configuration. We hope to schedule a showcase webinar with these finalists, demoing their applications and discussing how they used Integration Gateway to build them. Stay tuned! 

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