Unqork Unveils Codeless as a Service

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Unqork Unveils Codeless as a Service

At Unqork Create 2022, Unqork CEO Gary Hoberman unveiled Codeless as a Service. Read the announcement and watch Gary’s keynote to learn more!



What is Codeless as a Service? 

From the press release:

Codeless as a Service allows enterprise customers to seamlessly build, run and manage next generation software – with a single open data definition. Unqork customers can achieve a secure, multi-cloud codeless architecture for applications that provide usability, extensibility, upgradability, portability, reliability and more. As a result, customers are able to create future-proof software applications that unlock substantial productivity gains with a faster proof of value than traditional coding. 

Additionally, Unqork announced two major investments in the evolution of its codeless platform, Unqork OS and Codeless Data Experiences. Read more.

“A category that has never existed before”

From the keynote:

“Codeless as a Service picks up where the serverless movement left off in the journey of abstraction, empowering enterprises to build, run, and manage next-generation software—all with a single, open data definition” 


In his keynote, Hoberman argued that CaaS is fundamentally different from low-code/no-code tools, which still require significant manual coding—and/or generate lots of new code themselves. 

"Unqork does not generate code. It is an interpreter of code,” said Hoberman. “That’s why Codeless as a Service is not just another tool in a tool shed. It is a category that has not existed before.”


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