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  • 12 October 2021
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  • How do I submit a request a new feature for the Unqork platform? 

    • We love to get feedback from our entire community on what they want to see on Unqork! On the Ideas page in the Community Hub, you can search the page to see if another Creator has already posted your idea and upvote that idea. If your idea isn’t already posted, click the ‘Submit an Idea’ button. You will be able to summarize your platform idea in the title line and give more details about your use case in the body of the post. We even have an option to tag your post with topics that pertain to your post to make it more easily searchable. 

  • Who can post and upvote ideas?

    • All Creators (anyone with Unqork access) have full access to the Ideas page in the Community Hub!

  • I just submitted an idea! When will it be implemented?

    • Ideas with more upvotes will be more heavily considered by the platform team but it is up to their discretion as to when something is added to the platform roadmap. So get out there and upvote ideas and post some new ones!

  • How do I know if my idea has been implemented in the platform?

    • We share Unqork Platform updates in the Latest Updates section of the Community Hub, but the best way to track updates is via Release Notes in our Documentation Hub. If an idea you have posted is implemented in the platform, we will respond in the thread under your idea with a link to the update and mark your idea as implemented.

  • How do I submit ideas for the Unqork Community Hub? 

    • The Community Team at Unqork wants to make the Community Hub as helpful to Unqork Creators as possible! You can send all your feedback on the Community Hub to  

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