Celebrating Two Years with Unqork's Community Hub!

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Celebrating Two Years with Unqork's Community Hub!

Today completes two full years live with our Unqork Community Hub! As we did last yearlet’s celebrate with a review of how far we’ve come in the past twelve months. Community happens in collaboration with each of you contributing to our success. Thank you for another great year!

Award Winning Community

In May, we were recognized as a leader in the customer communities with a Gainsight GameChanger Award!


Year 2 Highlight: Class-Leading Reply and Answer Rates

One year ago, we had a “good problem” to solve: as engagement increased on the Community Hub, it became harder to keep up with the increased rate of questions. So we made it our goal to improve your experience. 

How did we do? Over the past year, we have improved our answer rate by 30% and ensured that almost every question received a helpful reply. These are class-leading results, as community industry benchmark reports (like this), indicate SaaS communities average only about a 50% answer rate. 



Year 2 in Review

  • August: We added recognition for top contributors (more to come on this at the end!).


  • September: The engine behind our drastically improved reply and answer rates launched:


  • October: We wrapped up our second hackathon.  
  • November: Two UX improvements. 


  • December: New and expanded features.


  • January: More flexibility and more benefits for SMEs.  


  • February: We kicked off a new, annual points competition. 


  • March: The first in a revamp of resource links on the home page.  


  • April: Home page revamp part two!


  • May: Our biggest month of the year!

    We launched a new community feature to help you track enhancements, bug fixes, and documentation updates for specific features. 
    ​We won our award:
    We hosted an Ask the Expert series on our spring release:  
    And our Technical Writing team put together a great new resource featured on the Community home page: 


  • June: One of the most significant UX improvements since we launched.


  • July: New opportunities, new functionality, and 4 great Dynamic Refresh demos.  
  • August: And circling back to where we began with updated rewards for top contributors. 


What’s Next?

Earlier today we announced changes coming soon: 

And we’re always looking for ways to improve your experience. Send me a message or an email at community@unqork.com with your feedback and ideas. 


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