Community Update: Recent Highlights, FIVE New SMEs, Points Leaderboard and New Records

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Community Update: Recent Highlights, FIVE New SMEs, Points Leaderboard and New Records

It’s time for another check-in on the latest news from our Unqork Community. 

June 2022 Highlights :sparkles:


">Major Updates 📣

The month began with major improvements to the the Documentation and Marketplace experience: 


">Hackathon 🏆

Additionally, June had bookends of Hackathon announcements, with our finalists announced at the beginning of the month and our showcase (and winner) to wrap up the month. 


">Success Hour 📅

Success Hour reached a new milestone with a full slate of community member speakers! We want to make that our new tradition and are a seeking speakers for our July and August success hours. There’s one spot remaining for July, and we’ll start locking slots for August. More to come with other updates related to this as well. 


">Certification Prep Classes 🏁

In an effort to help accelerate your path to certification, we began promoting the upcoming classes for each level of certification. You’ll soon find them listed under our Events page or you can view the full calendar of classes here.

">Unqork Create 📌

Late in the month, we launched our save the date website for Unqork Create 2022. You can sign up for updates as more details are made available. More to come here on the Community Hub as well! 


Record Setting Leaderboard :medal:

Not to spoil the section below, but we continue to see new records for most points and most answers earned within a month. 



">Coming in July 🔮


You can expect more news and ways to get involved with Unqork Create, as well as highlights from our Hackathon finalists

Success Hour Marketplace Takeover

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Unqork Marketplace, our July Success Hour event will be Marketplace themed. Get the latest scoop and see demos on marketplace listings that were inspired by questions from our community. 


">Today I Learned… We Need to Try Again 🎯

Our first monthly challenge was not as successful as I had hoped (where’s the emoji for target missed? 🙃), so let’s give it another try. We’ve extended the challenge throughout July and doubled the points incentive. Check out the details: 


">Congratulations to our newest Subject Matter Experts! 🎉


As you contribute, you also progress towards earning SME status: the top recognition on our community.

In June, FIVE Creators surpassed the 20 answers threshold in addition to earning 200+ points for three months. 

  • @Bharath
  • @Madhurika Belsare
  • @NVP (speaking on our July 26 Success Hour event!)
  • @Prajakta Survase (speaking on our July 26 Success Hour event!)
  • @Prem Sai Akash (also a Hackathon finalist!)

Please join me in congratulating and thanking them for all they contribute to our community!

On the Path to SME Status :motorway:

These Creators are almost there!

  • @Nagarjun_Chitteti - 4 months of 200+ points; 16 solved answers
  • @Mansi Wadhwani - 3 months of 200+ points; 10 solved answers
  • @Srikanth Dommati - 2 months of 200+ points; 28 solved answers (wow!) 
  • @only amar - 2 months of 200+ points; 18 solved answers
  • @Mohammed Jasir - 2 months of 200+ points; 4 solved answers

Getting Started ☝️

These 3 Creators passed the 200 point threshold for the first time. 

  • @Ashlin felix.R
  • @revency
  • @vamsi krishna

Show your gratitude and help them reach SME status by upvoting their helpful replies and marking answers when they solve your question. 

">Top contributors on Community Leaderboard 🏆


We continue to see new records for points earned in a month as Creators compete to earn the most points and earn SME status. 

June points leaders :medal:

  1. @Srikanth Dommati 1535 (New record for most points in a month!)
  2. @Madhurika Belsare 1205
  3. @only amar  1111
  4. @Prem Sai Akash  1087
  5. @Christopher Guzmán 794 (Welcome back to our all-time leader!)
  6. @Mansi Wadhwani 650
  7. @Prajakta Survase 572
  8. @NVP 539
  9. @Ranghanathan 419
  10. @Laxminarsaiah Ragi 388

">June answers leaders ✅

How do you get to the top of the leaderboard and SME status? Answering questions! We saw new heights being reached this month, especially by the 6 Creators in our top 5 spots. 

  1. @Srikanth Dommati 20
  2. @only amar 13
  3. @Prem Sai Akash 12
  4. @Madhurika Belsare 8
  5. @NVP &@Shivkumar Hemke tied with 7

Feedback welcome :speech_left:


With that, what do you think? Share your feedback in the replies or please contact me directly with a message on the Community Hub or at

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