Earn 'Answer Hero' Badges for Featured Questions

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Earn 'Answer Hero' Badges for Featured Questions

Last September, we launched Featured Questions to help improve your Q&A experience. 

As a result, we’ve dramatically improved our Q&A answer rate (up 30%!) and response rate. Additionally, 140+ (57%) of Featured Questions were marked as answered, an incredible improvement on questions that had previously gone without any reply. 

Introducing Answer Hero Badges!

One year later, it’s time to recognize those contributing to this success and incentivize continued participation.

Now, when you provide the answer for Featured Questions, you progress towards earning Answer Hero badges. Additionally, you will receive Unqork Swag as a thank you gift.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
5 answers
to Feat. Q’s
10 answers
to Feat. Q’s
15 answers
to Feat. Q’s
20 answers
to Feat. Q’s
25 answers
to Feat. Q’s
+  Unqork Swag! + Swag, Level, & Credly Badge


Finally, when you reach Level 5 with 25 answers to Featured Questions, we’ll recognize the tremendous impact you’ve made with a special Level on your profile and Community Leaderboard, as well as an exclusive Credly badge you can add to your Linkedin. 

This level shows behind your Username on your profile and on your community posts. 

Example of how your level shows on your profile


Finding Featured Questions

For full details, review this post

You’ll see the question featured with a bookmark icon in the activity feeds and a slightly different color. When you’re on the question page, you’ll see the Featured label at the top. 

Example: Featured Question in the feed


  • Q: How do Answer Hero badges work with Subject Matter Expert status? 

    • These are separate and complementary. You can be both an SME and Answer Hero.
    • SME status is based on total questions answered and other criteria
    • Answer Hero badges are based on answers for Featured Questions
  • Q: Are there bonus points for Answer Hero badges? 

    • No. ...and yes. You earn these badges by answering Featured Questions, which offer bonus points for replies and answers. 
  • Q: How can I track my progress? 

    • When you reach a new level at 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 answers, you will be notified with a message when you you receive the badge. 
    • If you want to check your status, send me a message or email 
  • Do previous answers count? 

    • Answers for all Featured Questions count (dating back to September 2022).
    • We will retroactively award badges to those that have already earned them with this criteria. 

Here’s the initial progress update for those who have already contributed to answering Featured Questions: 

  • 9: @Nishant Agrawal - Level 1 badge complete! 
  • 8: @Becky, @Nikhil Wadwalkar, @thejasreeb - Level 1 badge complete! 
  • 4: @Kristen Stilwell 
  • 3:
    • @Christopher Guzmán
    • @Daniel Lindberg
    • @Jessica Glissmann
    • @Laxminarsaiah Ragi
    • @prince kumar
    • @vamsi krishna
    • @Will Pieper   
  • 2: 
    • @aditiN 
    • @Ashlin felix.R 
    • @Dara 
    • @Gabe Purugganan 
    • @Hrithik Patni 
    • @Kamalakkannan R S 
    • @Kriti 
    • @Manish Gupta 
    • @Prabhnoor 
    • @Prajakta Survase 
    • @Prashant Singh 
    • @PriyankaS 
    • @Ramesh Reddy 
    • @Shashank Raj 
    • @Stephanie Coy 
    • @Subhra Kanta Patra 
    • @Zack Weinreb 
  • 1: 40 Creators!