Featured Questions and Bonus Point Incentives

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Featured Questions and Bonus Point Incentives

Now, when you see questions listed as featured, you’ll earn bonus points for replies and answers. 

However, I’d like to back up and start this update talking about all of you, our community members.

Background and Context

You’ve created an amazing, supportive, and vibrant community of Creators helping each other. Because of your contributions, the core experience on Community Hub is pretty incredible: 

  • More than 90% of the time, you will receive a reply to your question.
  • About 55% of the time, your question will be answered.
  • The median time to a reply is within a few hours.
  • Most receive a reply within the first few days.

These numbers are a large reason why, on average, 97% of our active community members are returning multiple times throughout the month. When you ask a question, there’s a good chance you will receive some help. 

However, we still have room for improvement. Questions that do not receive a reply in the first 1-2 days often get buried in the feed or lost in the shuffle.  


Here at Unqork, we’re invested in the success of our Creators, and our community is no exception. That’s why we will continue improving on your experience and driving more answers to your questions. 

Introducing Featured Questions

If a question has gone without a reply for more than a few days, we will now highlight that question as featured and bump it back up to the top of the activity feed. 

You’ll see the question featured with a bookmark icon in the activity feeds and a slightly different color. When you’re on the question page, you’ll see the Featured label at the top. 

Example: Featured Question in the feed

These improvements will help bring featured questions to the attention of experts in our community who may be able to help. 

Example: Featured Question Page

Incentives for Answering Featured Questions

For those who reply and and provide answers to these featured questions, we’ve added bonus points to say thank you. These points can help accelerate your path to achieving SME status or climbing our community leaderboard. 

Our Goals

  1. Drive Creator success with helpful replies to questions.
  2. Increase our Knowledge Base with more answered questions.
  3. Increase the percentage of questions that receive helpful replies. 
  4. Improve the time to when questions receive a response. 
  5. Accelerate the SME journey for those helping answer questions. 

What do you think? Please reply below or send me a message with your questions and feedback. 

Note: After a question is marked as answered, it will no longer be featured and bonus points will no longer be awarded for subsequent replies.

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