Introducing UDesigner Wayfinding, including Academy Course and Documentation

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Introducing UDesigner Wayfinding, including Academy Course and Documentation

This article has been revised with an updated timeline for the roll out of these enhancements. Stay tuned to our release notes and updates blog for subsequent details. 

Unqork will introduce UDesigner Wayfinding and Discovery screens with an upcoming (7.2 or later) release of the Unqork Platform. Creators can leverage Academy and Documentation resources to learn more about the enhancements and interfaces in this next generation Unqork IDE. 

Introducing UDesigner Wayfinding!

Unqork will release a new UDesigner experience in the Wayfinding and Discovery screens: Advanced Search, All Workspaces, Workspace Details, and Application Details screens. This release includes new personalization and collaboration functionality including Commenting and Notifications, App Versioning, and a personalized homepage with Starred and Recent App Elements for enhanced discoverability.

Navigating Workspaces with the new UDesigner interface

Learn more about the new UDesigner interface with our Navigating the UDesigner Homepage article.


What is UDesigner?

From our Fall 2023 Release announcement:

UDesigner, built with Unqork’s powerful platform, is the new way to empower cross-functional teams to deliver optimized, future-proof applications faster and with increased confidence. In addition to all the core capabilities of an enterprise-grade IDE, UDesigner supports advanced team collaboration and personalized developer experiences, and reinforces practices with real-time best practices.


UDesigner has been in early access for the past few months. Unqork will begin introducing aspects of the UDesigner experience for all environments in 7.2 or a subsequent release. Stay tuned to our release notes and updates blog for details on future enhancements. 

Learn About UDesigner​​​​​​​

An introductory course on Unqork Academy and robust documentation is already available. We will continue to update each as enhancements are introduced. 

Additionally, our existing articles in Unqork’s Documentation Hub are being updated as UDesigner experiences are introduced with upcoming releases. When available, you can toggle documentation articles between the Classic Designer and UDesigner views.

Recommended: Navigating the UDesigner Homepage

With the introduction of UDesigner and Discovery screens in an upcoming release, we recommend you review our Navigating the UDesigner Homepage article. 

Additionally, you can see an example of the the new Class Designer/UDesigner toggle on our Navigating Workspaces article. ​​​​​​​

Select the UDesigner tab to learn about the updated interface.


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