New Academy courses for Best Practices & Dynamic Refresh, plus more Documentation Updates

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New Academy courses for Best Practices & Dynamic Refresh, plus more Documentation Updates

Every few weeks, we share with you the latest additions and updates to our Unqork Platform Documentation. Stay up-to-date and review the latest information to keep your skills sharp. 

You can find each of these articles and guides in our Documentation Hub which is linked in the navigation menu and included in federated search here on the Community Hub, or by clicking the Help menu within the Unqork platform.

New Academy Courses

  • Best Practices

    • This new course brings together best practices across the platform to use when architecting and building applications and includes topics like data storage, caching, modular building, and more.

    • This course is highly recommended for all Creators and is under consideration to become a new requirement for Subject Matter Experts status. More details to come. 

  • Dynamic Refresh

    • This new course introduces you to Unqork's Dynamic Refresh, including how and when to use it, as well as applying best practices.
    • See Dynamic Refresh in action with real world use cases in the recording of our latest Hackathon showcase. You can also find links to review the configuration in our Use Cases Showcase forum. 

New Documentation

Last week, we announced the next generation of the Unqork platform. Read more about it here: 

Next, take a deeper dive with this new documentation: 

Updated Documentation

  • Best Practice: Configuration

    • Added a detailed best practice for the Data Workflow component with suggested configuration when inputting value with a {{$}} at the end as an argument. When inputting a Data Workflow operator to another operator’s argument port, {{_arg}} returns {{null}} if the input value contains a {{$}} at the end of the text, regardless of the operator. The best practice is to use a Set operator because it does not require the {{_arg}} parameter.
  • Module Settings

    • Added a note to highlight that the module size is also dependent on the size of your translations information when the Enable Translations setting is set to ON.
  • Services Administration

    • Added clarification that users cannot use underscores or spaces for a Service Name.


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