New Forums for Discussing Best Practices, Strategy, and Use Cases

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New Forums for Discussing Best Practices, Strategy, and Use Cases

Today, we’re excited to launch two new forums on our community: Best Practices & Strategy and Use Case Showcase. With these forums, we are expanding the types of conversations you can have to include thought leadership and more open-ended conversations.

Our Platform Q&A forum is not changing and has not gone away; it is the foundation upon which our community has been built. However, we recognize that not every question has a specific answer to be marked as “solved.” There is also a lot of value in other types of conversations and posts to share your lessons learned or points of view. 

Best Practices & Strategy

This forum is for conversations that extend beyond platform functionality or configuration. It’s a place to ask for and share advice, lessons learned, and proven approaches to building codeless applications. 

Discuss approaches to organizing teams and managing projects. Share recommendations for processes in your software development lifecycle like error handling or documenting your configuration

Use Case Showcase

In this forum, learn and discuss real world examples of why, how, and when to use the Unqork Platform or specific features. Here’s a great example.

Share your use cases to help Creators identify their next project and opportunities to improve their apps. Ask questions to unpack ways to solve your business problems with the Unqork platform. Or start a discussion to crowdsource ideas for how to leverage new features when they launch.  

Three Types of Posts

Until now, the majority of posts on the Community Hub have been questions in our Platform Q&A forum. In October, we added the option to submit Ideas and recently expanded that feature

With the addition of these new forums, we have added the ability to create a general “Post” that is neither a question nor an idea. These posts might be a blog you want to publish, a short update you want to share, or an open thread for an ongoing discussion of the topic. 

You will see the three options when you click on the +Create a Post button in the navigation bar. 


The Difference Between Post Types

In general, all three types look the same when you create them. Each allows others the ability to reply, upvote, subscribe to email updates, or share. 

The difference is in how the posts work after you publish.

  • Questions are designed to mark one reply as the answer to embedded.

    • Example 

    • Open questions are grouped here for others to help solve. 

  • Ideas are designed for others to upvote when they agree. 

    • Example

    • Upvoting functionality is featured prominently near the title and in activity feeds

  • Posts are designed for everything else. 

    • Best for individual blogs, updates, or open-ended conversations that don’t have a specific answer 

    • Examples:  “How do you structure your teams?” or “What are some use cases for the new grid system?” or a blog like this. 

Finally, in addition to the new forums and the new post type, we now award points for when you create posts, questions, and ideas.


What do you think? Reply below or reach out to with your questions and feedback. If you have recommendations for other forums and features for us to add, submit an idea for our community.  


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