Update Your Profile by October 30 and Earn 50 Points - Community Challenge

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Update Your Profile by October 30 and Earn 50 Points - Community Challenge

Each month, our Unqork Community continues to grow and thrive. We’re seeing new Creators join, more active users, more contributing users, and higher engagement than ever before. With that, I think we’re ready to try something new. 

Introducing Monthly Community Challenges

Each month, I will challenge us all to participate in one common focus area. These monthly challenges will be ways earn additional points, but the larger goal is to strengthen our community.

What to Expect

You’ll see a mix of challenge types from ways to level up and sharpen your skills (ex. Hackathons), to new types of conversations to try (ex. TIL), and simple ways to foster relationships and an overall sense of community. You can also expect:

  • Announcements on the first Wednesday of the month.
  • Deadlines of the end of that month (sometimes the day before). 
  • Experiments on new ways for us to connect and engage.

October’s Challenge

We’re going to start simple this time around.

Ensure your profile is up-to-date and all 5 fields are completed: 

  1. Profile Picture
  2. Name*
  3. Job Title*
  4. Company*
  5. Location*

Deadline: End of day on October 30. (This way you can get your points on the 31st to count towards October totals.)

*These fields are all private and only visible to The Unqork Community team. The only public information at this time is your profile picture, username, and join date. 

Challenge Incentives

Earn 50 bonus points (10 for each field). Only complete profiles are eligible. (Already complete? Double check to ensue your information is right, but you’ll still earn the points!)

Additionally, a chance at swag! Community is about the shared success and group contributions. For every 50 Creators that have all 5 fields updated, I will randomly select a Creator to receive an Unqork hat. (Ex. If 200 Creators have complete profiles, I will select 4 winners to receive the hat.)

Unqork Expert hat

How This Helps

Why are we doing this? How does it help strengthen our Community? 

Two primary reasons: 

  1. Profile Pictures are the first step towards building more peer-to-peer connects and relationships.

    Our Community is made of people, not bots. A picture of you (or photo that represents you) helps build connections. That way, someone might recognize your photo on Linkedin when they reach out to connect or, better yet, recognize you when attending an event like Unqork Create.
  2. Complete and accurate profile fields give our team better data for a better understanding of you. (We’ve also updated our registration process over the first year and we don’t have names for everyone in our Community.)

In the future, we’ll build new Community Hub features, as well as events and programs based on these two areas. It could be features to help you network on the Community Hub or perhaps user groups and events that connect a specific region or persona. 

Have an idea for what you’d like to see? You can always submit it here on the Community Hub.


Time is running out! Remember to update your profile by the end of the day on October 30 to earn the points. 

Congrats to @Pankaj Shirsath and @MAHESH__J for winning the two Unqork hats. 

We had 58 Creators complete all 5 fields of their profile update (and many more adding Avatars!) so I raffled off two hats as promised. 

Pankaj and Mahesh, look for a message from me shortly with a link to claim your prize.