Call for Speakers: 2023 Success Hour and other events

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Call for Speakers: 2023 Success Hour and other events

Are you goal setting for 2023 and looking for professional development opportunities? Do you have Unqork expertise you’d like to showcase for your peers? Are you interested in earning points on your path to SME status

As we approach the new year, I’m looking for speakers for our monthly Success Hour events. Dates, times, and topics will be decided in coordination with the available speakers. 

About Success Hour

We’ve had great feedback from the monthly Success Hour webinar series we launched in 2022. These interactive webinars feature short demos on popular topics in our community, best practices, or tips and tricks. You can view recordings of preview webinars here on the Community Hub. 

My favorite part has been involving more of our community members as speakers in these events, along with my Unqork colleagues. In 2023, I hope to expand our knowledge sharing further with more of you taking part.

Call for Speakers

Speakers are asked to give a short 5-10 minute demo of their topic. You are also asked to attend the full webinar and help with Q&A.

Presentation Topics 

In 2023, I’d like to feature use case demos for Marketplace snippets and Data Workflow (ex. specific operators) on each event. DWF the topic of our most frequently asked questions, so demos and examples will greatly help our community. 

Other topic ideas: 

  • Do you have a best practice you recommend? If so, consider writing it up in our new Best Practices forum, and you can also do a short demo on this webinar.
  • Do you have a tip or trick for configuration? You can always add it to our Platform Q&A forum as something you’ve learned, and you can demo it on this webinar. 
  • Do you have a use case for a specific piece of functionality? If so, consider writing it up in our Use Case Showcase forum, and you can also do a short demo on this webinar. (sense a theme? 😊 )
  • Have you answered a question that received a lot of upvotes? If so, you could demo the solution on this webinar.
    • We’ll embed your demo into the answer to better help those who view it later on. 
    • Note you can find which questions you’ve answered on your profile page.

Benefits of Speaking

In addition to showcasing your expertise, you will receive: 

  • 100 bonus points 
  • Success Hour Speaker Badge
  • Video clips showcasing your expertise
Success Hour Speaker Badge

Speakers will also be considered for participation in our Power User Spotlight blog series and for invitations to speak at other Unqork events. 

Express Interest

Interested in contributing? Click here to make a submission of your own through our Community Contribution portal! You can also indicate interest in longer presentation opportunities via our Twitch channel and other events. 

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