Earn Bonus Points for Sharing What You Learned

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Earn Bonus Points for Sharing What You Learned

Update from August 8: This challenge has been extended indefinitely, including the increase in the points awarded. 

Update from June 30: This challenge has been extended through the month of July. I’m also doubling the points you can earn for participating. Details below on how to earn bonus points. 

Within our recent Community Update blog, we announced our first monthly activity challenge.

About the Challenge

This activity is designed to introduce you to new Create a Post functionality and also reward those who contribute to our Knowledge Base. 

The key message is that you can contribute even when you don’t have a question. As you discover and learn about the Unqork platform, you’re encouraged to share those insights with other Creators in our community. 

This is another great way to work your way up the leaderboard or towards SME status. Rather than being limited to answering questions you might not know the answer to, you can showcase and amplify your expertise in short posts. 


">“Today I Learned” Challenge 🎯

To help ramp up discussion in our new forums, we’re launching our first monthly challenge throughout the rest of June. 

You might be familiar with the Today I Learned meme or hashtag on social platforms like Reddit or Twitter. This type of “working outloud” behavior is also helpful in building our Knowledge Base through shared learning and discovery with other Creators. That’s where the challenge comes in:

  • What: Share something you learned while working on Unqork in one of our forums.
    • Platform Q&A: Something you learned about functionality or configuration.
    • Best Practices: A tip, a trick, or best practice you recommend.
    • Use Case Showcase: A use case for a specific piece of fucntionality or a business problem Unqork can help solve.
  • Why: To share your learnings with other Creators… 
    • Oh, and we’ll award you 20 bonus points for each post (in addition to the 5 you get for posting). 
    • And the post with the most upvotes on July 1 will win some Unqork swag!
  • How: Create a Post in one of our forums and use “TIL” or “Today I Learned” in the title or the “TIL” tag.


If you have questions or feedback, please add it below or send me a message. 

Update: This challenge has been extended indefinitely. We hope you’ll continue sharing insights on what you learn to help build our Knowledge Base.