March 2024 Unqork Community Leaderboard : New SME Yuresh Bopche & New Problem Solver Shyam Surpatne!

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March 2024 Unqork Community Leaderboard : New SME Yuresh Bopche & New Problem Solver Shyam Surpatne!

Each month, this post is all about celebrating the many contributions of our community members. Our success depends upon youThank you for contributing your questions, ideas, replies, answers, likes, and so many more contributions.

In this update

">ICYMI - Points System Changes 📌

We’re currently working through a few issues with our point system. As part of this, I adjusted our points system on March 28 and April 1. At this time, points are not awarded for giving/receiving likes. 

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Additionally, a separate issue caused a number of users to incorrectly receive large increments of points on March 28. 

Due to these issues, the March leaderboard below shows adjusted totals: removing points for likes given/received as well as the incorrectly issued points. The totals below may be different from what you see in the points checking app. 

We anticipate issues will be resolved by the end of this month. Once resolved, I will share an update.

">Top contributors on our Community Leaderboard 🏆

These top earners are recognized with community leaderboard badges and Unqork SWAG!

">March points leaders 🏅

  1. @Shyam_Surpatne 703 - earns gold badge for the second time!
  2. @danctk 673 - earns silver badge for the first time!
  3. @Anmol Sudan 602 - earns bronze badge for the first time!
  4. @Laxminarsaiah Ragi 288
  5. @Becky 244
  6. @Yuresh Bopche 212
  8. @Ashlin felix.R 202
  9. @Saravana 201
  10. @Shashank Raj 179

">March answers leaders ✅

  1. @Shyam_Surpatne 21 - earns most answers badge for the second time!
  2. @Anmol Sudan 15
  3. @danctk 7
     @Yuresh Bopche 7
  4. @Laxminarsaiah Ragi 6
  5. @Ashlin felix.R 5

">SME Updates 🌟

As you contribute, you also progress towards earning SME status: the top recognition on our community.

">Congratulations to our newest Subject Matter Expert! 🎉

In March, @Yuresh Bopche met the criteria to become a Subject Matter Expert!

Please join me in congratulating and thanking them for all they have contributed to our community.

">Happy SME Anniversary! 🎉

  • 4 years: @Dara 
  • 3 years: @Danielle Ferguson 
  • 2 years: @Manish Gupta 

">SMEs Earning Another Year 🙌

Congratulations to @Apurva Dhamane@Becky, and @MAHESH JOKARE for meeting the requirements to earn another year as a Subject Matter Expert.  

 ">On the Path to SME Status 🛣️ 

  • @danctk - 23 answers, 1 month of 200+ points
  • @Anmol Sudan - 20 answers, 1 month of 200+ points
  • @Piyush Kumar - 16 answers, 1 month of 200+ points

">Answer Heroes in March 🎖️

Answer Hero’ badges are earned by answering Featured Questions. Here are those who helped answer Featured Questions last month, along with their current total:

  • @Becky 10 - earned Answer Hero level 2 badge!
  • @Ashlin felix.R 4
  • @aditiN 2

You earn badges and Unqork swag at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25. Full details here: 

">Problem Solvers in March 🔧

Problem Solver’ badges are earned by answering questions in our new Troubleshooting forum. Here are those who helped answer troubleshooting questions last month, along with their current total:

  • @Shyam_Surpatne 25
  • @Danielle Ferguson 20
  • @Ashlin felix.R 14
  • @Nishant Agrawal 9
  • @Prem Sai Akash 7
  • @Anmol Sudan 3
  • 2: @Becky@Yuresh Bopche@Piyush Kumar 
  • 1: @niraj,@redijsa,@Vidyaram Meena,@Gathungu Ndirangu 

">New Problem Solver! 🙏

With 25 troubleshooting answers provided,@Shyam_Surpatne becomes our third every Unqork Community Problem Solver! As I said in my Linkedin post

🙌 Problem Solvers are people you want on your team. They are experienced, they have valuable expertise, and - most importantly - they are helpers. (Oh, and by definition, they 👏 get 👏 things 👏 done! 👏 )

📣 Shyam demonstrated all of the above in earning our latest community recognition (info below) and adding to credentials that include:
🎓 Associate Configurator certification
✨ Subject Matter Expert in the Community


You earn badges at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 answers in the Troubleshooting forum, plus extra rewards at 25. Full details here: 

">Climb the Leaderboard 🎯

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">Feedback welcome 💬


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